Wednesday, 26 April 2017

The horseman of Stirrup Lane

Less than a month after the tribute to Stormzy went up in Dublin's Smithfield district, another cool mural has arrived just around the corner, in Stirrup Lane. It's brilliant too.

The young horseman on the gable wall looks like he has been filmed on wobbly old video tape, or he needs to be viewed using 3D glasses. The black-and-white (OK, grey) background is Smithfield Square itself. I'll update this post if I hear who painted it.

Stirrup Lane (left of pic), off Church Street

Stirrup Lane, or Lána an Stíoróip in Irish (or sometimes Lána na Stíoróipe), is a centuries-old side road off Church Street. It was "probably named after a family who resided in this area" according to Paul Clerkin's book Dublin Street Names.

Or maybe there's a connection to the nearby Smithfield Horse Fair, which nowadays is no longer a monthly affair but takes place twice a year, on the first Sunday in March and September.

And for more on Dublin's ancient horse culture - particularly around the Liberties area - check out this song by "Norweigi" or the Musical Slave, a street musician and storyteller from Bergen in Norway...