Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Benburb Street art (another update)

Benburb Street in Stoneybatter continues to have its little stretch of open-air gallery, which is one bright thing amid all that dilapidation and dereliction.

The "Complexions" art project was replaced by the 1916-related "Relatives" project. Then earlier this week it in turn made way for a black-and-white cityscape with woman in biking jacket and helmet (see above). I dunno why but it reminds me of a Jean-Jacques Beineix or Luc Besson film.

Further down the street beside the Museum Rest pub's burnt-out shell, the "Me Aul Flower" mural by the much-in-demand sign-painter Vanessa Power  hasn't fared so well. In recent days it was vandalised by dickheads (see the "after" and "before" shots below) with "Fuck art" graffiti.